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Island Nautical Mast & Boom Refurbishing & Repair

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▸  Extend the Life of Your Mast by 10 Years…
▸  Let Us Inspect and Quote You a Turnkey Mast & Boom Makeover!
▸  An example of before and after

Most jobs typically include the following:

▸  Transport mast and boom to JSI (Call for Quote)
▸  Remove all hardware, lights and wiring.
▸  Fill all bad spots and miscellaneous holes by welding.
▸  Inspect and repair or replace broken or worn parts.
▸  Sand entire mast surface to bare metal and prep for new paint.
▸  Prime and paint with Awlgrip® polyester marine paint.
▸  Replace old wiring with new boat cable in PVC conduit.
▸  Mount new lights.
▸  Install all hardware and upgrade mast & boom systems as required.
▸  Transport to marina (locally)


For specific information, contact Dave Johnson at 800-652-4914, or email him at: