Canvas & Sail Handling


Doyle StackPack

Doyle offers a number of unique handling systems, sail canvases & headsail furlers. For convenience, the Doyle StackPack has become the standard for effortless mainsail storage, while high roach catamarans can appreciate the innovative Anomaly Headboard. We're also the experts in Code 0 and Reacher furling systems. We can also convert your hank on genoa into a roller furling genoa or just replace the sacrificial canvas on your RF Genoa. 

You can combine the StackPack with the Tides Strong System for the ultimate in main sail experience! You will not believe how easy it will be to launch your main and then to store it at the end of the sail. The Tides Strong System will easily install into your existing mast, reducing greatly the friction on the luff insuring the main will drop down quickly into the StackPack. 

The Doyle Anomaly Headboard solves a major handling issue with modern square top mainsails with a very robust and elegant solution. Using the Doyle Anomaly Headboard square top mainsails can now be hoisted without the need to manually attach the headboard to the carriage or re-install the gaff batten each time the sail is hoisted.

StackPack Features & Benefits

▸ Integrated cover with secured zipper tail. Enables quick and easy covering of the sail without the need for sail ties.
▸ Subrella cover. Extends the life of the sail. Wide selection of colors. Customizable with logo or text.
▸ StackPack neatly flakes the sail above the boom. Improved visibility.
▸ Reef lines pass through the sail cover. Easy reefing with no need to tie sail to the boom.
▸ StackPack cover attaches to the foot of the sail. The cover and sail can be removed as one for winter storage.
▸ Brummel hooks are used to connect the lazy jacks. Lazy jacks never need to be retied.
▸ Existing mains can be used as a base sail for the StackPack. No need to replace your main to install a StackPack.
▸ Easily raise, lower and cover your sail when single-handed. Take the hassle out of dousing your main.