Racing Sails


Doyle Sailmakers has become recognized as a world leader in sailmaking through practical on the water experience combined with one of the largest investments in the industry for ongoing R&D and product development. One Design, Grand Prix, Superyacht or local racing, regardless of your goals, you can expect the same commitment from our team of Designers and Sailmakers alike.

Combining advanced engineering and computational fluid dynamic modeling with years of on-the-water experience, Doyle’s designers and sailmakers are able to deliver sails that are faster out the bag, easier to trim and hold their shape longer.

Stratis Custom-Laid Fiber-Aligned Sails

Stratis™ development began in 2001-2002 when Doyle Sailmakers realized that it was time for a new generation of sails. It was apparent that across the industry there was a need for lighter, longer lasting sails. From performance racing sails with higher durability, to superyacht sails that required the physical structure of high modulus fibers to take the huge loads that were generated, through to cruising yachts that simply wanted lighter sails that were easier to handle, it was time for something new.

Driven from the beginning by a desire to deliver lighter and more durable sails, development of Stratis has continued at full speed, and is now the choice of many of the world's finest superyachts, highest-performance Grand Prix programs and committed cruisers alike. Combining unsurpassed design and engineering technology, the very best lamination and materials, and unrivaled quality control standards, Doyle Stratis sails have continued to deliver the very best in performance.

Stratis GPx: Custom-laid Fiber-aligned Sail Laminates

Unsurpassed racing technology, delivering unsurpassed shape retention and performance.

Stratis™ pre-impregnated fiber technology provides unmatched flexibility in fiber orientation, accuracy of placement and superior lamination. All fibers are load bearing, converging to every load point. Producing stronger, lighter sails that are much smoother when set, hold their shape better with significantly less stretch, and last longer than conventional sails.

Ultimate performance: Stratis custom sail design and carbon fiber options deliver ultimate racing performance.

UV protection and durability: Stratis laminates using either clear UV absorbing films or films custom dyed with UV absorbers provide much greater protection from UV than standard PET film laminates. Taffeta options protect fibers and films from abrasion and UV damage, and can be incorporated on one or both sides of the sail.

Eliminating Distortion: Fiber paths laid to every reef and load point eliminate the potential distortion or laminate breakdown of conventional panel sails.

Advances over conventional sails: Sails fabricated in the conventional method by cutting and placing many separate panels, can only approximate the different load paths of a sail. Stratis™ fiber - aligned sails have fibers mapped directly along all load paths. Every fiber is load bearing, making a stronger, lighter and more durable sail.


▸ Each Stratis™ sail is custom designed and custom manufactured in-house by Doyle Sailmakers
▸ Shape dynamics are designed in 3 dimensions for smooth shape transitions.
▸ Load paths are calculated and mapped to the performance specifications of each sail, ensuring accurate weight calculations and optimized lamination.
▸ Sections are laminated flat before shipping. Extremely high pressures ensure delaminating will not occur under sail.
▸ Taffeta plus Vectran, Carbon or Twaron yarn options.
▸ Vectran and Carbon provide stretch resistance with a higher modulus and much better flex properties than Kevlar.
▸ Anti-microbial coatings plus Ti02 coatings for more durable options.
▸ Stratis™ sails are 15% - 30% lighter than conventional panel sails.
▸ Color options available.

Be wary of companies that do not require a measurement form! There are several key measurements that equate to proper fit and sail shape. It is impossible to make a perfect sail without the exact measurements for YOUR boat. You never know if a previous owner has changed something that would dramatically alter the proper fit of a sail. Call us and we'll make your sailing experience better than it's ever been!