Downwind Sails


We build spinnakers, both symmetrical and asymmetrical, UPS's and APC's
Doyle Sailmakers has a complete line of downwind sails. From cruising to racing and everything in-between, we have a sail for you.

Symmetrical, asymmetrical or a Code Zero reaching sail, we have a design that will be will be powerful and easy to use.

We have developed an impressive range of proven sail designs, but what sets Doyle apart is the willingness to work with our customers to refine specific sails to ensure that they perform optimally with each customer's unique boat.

We can also help you with equipping your boat for downwind sailing with snuffers, socks, Code 0 furlers, spinnaker & whisker poles to make deploying and retrieving of your downwind sail a piece of cake.


Downwind Sails for Cruising

Doyle has developed and refined cruising spinnakers for better all-around performance, and worked out their details to ensure they are durable and easy to set. With very carefully tuned designs, the sails are easy to trim and fly, so that they do not require constant attention. Coupled with either a dousing sock or an independent furler, the sails can be easily set and controlled, opening up a whole new realm of performance for cruisers.

Asymmetric Power Cruiser (APC) The Doyle APC is a very versatile, easy to use sail. No pole is needed. The APC gets you moving even in the lightest wind. Handling the APC is easy, even if you have never flown a spinnaker before.

Utility Power Sail (UPS) The Doyle UPS is a specialized sail for cruisers who are looking for better light air upwind and close reaching performance. The UPS is also for cruisers who prefer the convenience of having the sail set on a furler. The UPS offers fun and easy sailing.


Downwind Sails for Racing

Our design tools are amongst the most advanced in 3D modeling and airflow, allowing designers to view how the sails will trim at a range of different angles, as well as how the sails will interact with other sails on the boat.

Doyle's line of asymmetrical spinnakers is adding a new dimension to reaching and running. Covering the entire range from broad running to tight reaching, our asymmetrical spinnakers allow you to realize the full downwind potential of your boat.

Doyle's conventional symmetrical spinnakers are developed with an enhanced CFD software and analysis tools, resulting in even faster spinnakers. We offer 5 unique spinnaker molds: VMG, AP Runner, AP Reacher, Heavy Runner & Heavy Reacher.


Our Sail Designs Include:

▸ Asymmetric Spinnakers
▸ Symmetric Spinnakers
▸ Reaching Code 0
▸ Spaysails
▸ Spinnaker Staysails


Be wary of companies that do not require a measurement form! There are several key measurements that equate to proper fit and sail shape. It is impossible to make a perfect sail without the exact measurements for YOUR boat. You never know if a previous owner has changed something that would dramatically alter the proper fit of a sail. Call us and we'll make your sailing experience better than it's ever been!