Doyle Sails

Doyle Sails


Hylas 56The Doyle Gulf Coast Sail Loft at Island Nautical is the largest loft in the Southeast and we offer a complete set of solutions for all of your sailing needs.

We are a full service loft for maintenance and repairing of your sails as well as cleaning and sail conversion.

We build sails for the cruiser and the racer alike. Whether it's managing your mainsail on your boom or with the furling of your headsail, we've got the Pros that can help make your sailing life better!


From its inception, Doyle Sailmakers has been committed to making sailing more enjoyable and satisfying for its customers. We have two categories for working sails, Durasails, which are constructed of woven dacron for durability and value, and our premium Bluewater sails that are engineered for offshore performance oriented cruising and durability.


Doyle Sailmakers has become recognized as a world leader in sailmaking through practical on the water experience combined with one of the largest investments in the industry for ongoing product development. Our ongoing support and commitment to our customers has resulted in successes in One Design, Grand Prix, Superyacht and local racing alike.


We have a full line of downwind sails to choose from, whether you're racing offshore, the local regattas or just trying to have the right downwind sail. We have Asymmetric Power Cruiser(APC) and Utility Power Sails(UPS) for cruisers as well as Symmetrical, Asymmetrical & Spaysails for the racers.

Canvas & Sail Handling

Since the Doyle Gulf Coast Loft is in the Island Nautical Facility, we have all of the accessories to make your sail handling experience a pleasurable one instead of a headache. With a Doyle StackPack you will be able to hoist or store your Main in a snap. We're also the experts when it comes furling, main or genoa.

Be wary of companies that do not require a measurement form! There are several key measurements that equate to proper fit and sail shape. It is impossible to make a perfect sail without the exact measurements for YOUR boat. You never know if a previous owner has changed something that would dramatically alter the proper fit of a sail. Call us and we'll make your sailing experience better than it's ever been!